Solar Scout – Solar System

Homes are either energy owners or energy buyers. When purchasing a home in DFW it will soon be a key feature to have solar panels, because that will mean the home is creating their own energy without a monthly electricity bill. Homes without solar are at a disadvantage. We are already seeing that in the market: homes increase in value with a solar array, and sell 17% faster than homes without solar.


Solar has just reached a tipping point for cost effectiveness. Compared to traditional energy providers today, a homeowner can get an array to offset their entire annual consumption with no out of pocket expense by replacing their current electricity bill with a reduced payment that builds equity in your energy supply. In other words, homeowners today are saving money every year on energy with a fixed monthly bill that saves them 100s or 1,000s of dollars annually.


Energy bills tend to peak in the hot summer months. Don’t spend an extra $1,000+ for electricity this summer, instead – get installed today to build a bank of energy credits with your net metering utility provider. The power generated in summer will bank enough credits to last every night and day through winter!


Homeowners can save money year over year, and own their energy supply. Will your home be an energy owner, or an energy buyer?

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