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The Solar Scouts is a premiere solar contractor in The Colony, TX and provides residential and commercial solar panels, solar systems and solar installation. We pride ourselves on providing customized services for each of our customers by offering tailored solutions to every home and business. Not every house is built the same. Some homes have shade cover from surrounding trees or surrounding homes. The construction of each roof and the amount of sunlight that your roof receives is going to affect the perfect solution for your solar panel installation, which will inevitably determine what home solar system in The Colony, TX that you need to give you the best results from your solar panels. That’s why here at The Solar Scouts, we give each of our customers a free, no-obligation consultation and in-home discovery to determine the best solution for your specific needs. We review your energy bills, KW usage, your roof and positioning of the sun in relation to your roof so that we can provide you with a free solar plan with financing options so that you know exactly how much you can save with solar installation in The Colony, TX.
Home and Residential Solar Panels The Colony, TX

Home & Residential Solar Panels The Colony, TX

Our residential and home solar panels in The Colony, TX are the top-tier solar panels in the country. We work hard to not only provide the best hardware and panels, but also we pride ourselves in being extremely easy to work with. Our primary focus is ensuring that our customers get the best customer service bar-none. That’s why we don’t charge for our introductory consultation or estimates. We work with each individual customer specifically on their home to ensure that whatever system makes the most sense for your needs, we’re able to give you the financing options, installation options and expected savings on your energy usage. We believe in full transparency so we want our customers to have the education and understand exactly what solar panels are being installed and what benefits they will bring to your family. When you work with The Solar Scouts and receive our Solar Installation in The Colony, TX, your home will have brand new solar panels that will last the lifetime of your home. Each home solar system in The Colony that we install comes with a guarantee on our workmanship and a warranty so you’ll never have to worry about anything in the future. We’re here to serve you and ensure that you’re taken care of.

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Many solar companies will send teenage sales people door to door asking for people to stop what they’re doing inside of their own homes to sit and chat about solar. That’s not how we operate. We schedule private, in-home (or over the phone or Zoom) consultations after we already have a baseline for your home’s roof, square footage, energy usage and sunlight that hits your roof. We don’t want anyone’s time to be wasted, so we will gather pertinent information before our scheduled meeting. We want to be able to give you all of the information that you need to make an informed decision regarding installing a home solar system in The Colony, TX. 


While nearly no other solar panel company in The Colony will do this for you, The Solar Scouts puts customer service and reliability at the top of our list of key differentiators. We make solar installation easy and fun because at the end of the day, you’ll be saving money on your energy bill, reducing your carbon footprint and installing a ‘value-add’ to your home as an investment. You should have all of the correct information before you make an informed decision. 

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At The Solar Scouts, we're excited to offer the easiest and powerful home solar system in The Colony, TX. We work with only the best solar panel companies in the US and have reliable, expert technicians that provide the best solar installation in The Colony, TX. Once we have had our initial consultation and determined the perfect fit for your home, we will schedule an installation date in advance. Our team gets the solar panel installation done quickly and efficiently so that you're not stuck with a bunch of contractors at your residence for days on end. After your solar panels have been installed, you'll get another one-on-one with our home solar system expert to show you exactly what was installed and how to track the benefit of your new solar system. It's simply that easy. Get in touch with us by scheduling a free consultation and we can schedule you for a meeting so that we can get all of the necessary information about your home and your needs. We look forward to serving you!

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