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Solar Scouts exists to align sustainable conservation with fiscal conservatism. Our goals are to help home and business owners save money immediately and in the long term, through initiatives that leave our planet earth better than how we inherited it.


Electricity Generation

Generate your own electricity with off-grid electricity generation.

Low Line Costs

Thanks to distributed energy systems, we reduce line costs.

Pillar 1: Thrifty

We operate a lean organization, and encourage our clients thriftiness. The typical home can save money on their annual energy bill. Solar Energy is now more cost effective than traditional power purchase agreements.

Pillar 2: Clean

It is our responsibility, as we identify the need for change, to act on that change. We should reduce our dependence on natural gas, coal, and other carbon emission energies to create a green, sustainable, and clean way to power our lives.

Pillar 3: Strive for Honor

Even though the market indicates that solar adds value to each home, and those homes sell faster than homes without solar, the most common objection to installing solar panels is the aesthetic on the roof. We implore all homeowners to strive for honor, and consider solar for saving the environment, and saving your wallet.

Our team is here for you

We are looking forward to earning your trust and your business.

Nicholas Manto -  Solar Specialist
Nicholas Manto

Strategic Solar Specialist

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